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Frequently Asked Questions

Are urgent care centers open on the holidays? Do I need an appointment for urgent care? Explore the Next Level Urgent Care FAQ for answers!

Are Next Level urgent care centers open on holidays?

Our urgent care clinics are open daily from 9am until 9pm.  We are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. 

Do I need an appointment for urgent care?

No – Walk-ins are always welcome.  However, many of our patients prefer to make an appointment or “get in line” through our app so they can skip the waiting room. 

What about conditions requiring on-going care/monitoring?

Next Level Urgent Care is not currently offering primary care for patients outside of our Next Level PRIME program.  Non- PRIME members will be referred back to their primary care provider for ongoing care.  For patients who do not have a primary care provider, Next Level Urgent Care is happy to refer them to a primary care provider currently accepting new patients.

Do I need my insurance ID card in order to be seen?

In order for us to be able to verify your insurance coverage, we will need to see and copy your insurance card. If you are unable to bring your card, we will do our best to verify your benefits with your carrier when you arrive.  For those without insurance, or who have high deductibles, we also offer discounted cash pay prices at the time of service.

How do I know if I need urgent care or the emergency room?

If you feel that your condition is life-threatening, you need to be seen in a hospital Emergency Room and should call 911. The ER treats life threatening medical conditions, such as chest pains, severe wounds or amputations. Urgent Care Centers treat conditions that need immediate attention but are not life or limb threatening.

How long will I have to wait to be seen?

Next Level makes every effort to staff our clinics appropriately to keep wait times to a minimum.  Walk-ins are welcome, but the best way to avoid longer wait times is to make an appointment or “get in line, online” through the Next Level mobile app (text NLUCAPP to 313131 to download).  

Visits for patients with simple complaints can take as little as 30 minutes.  Most patients complete their visit within 1 hour. 

Who will be treating me?

Our staff includes licensed physicians as well as experienced physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedics, medical assistants and x-ray technologists who have experience and training in emergency medicine, primary care, pediatrics, internal medicine and sports medicine.

What types of services does Next Level provide?

At Next Level Urgent Care, we specialize in the treatment of acute urgent medical conditions.  Our providers treat many types of medical conditions, but typical types of concerns include: coughs, colds, sinus infections, headaches, broken bones, sprained joints, rashes, back pain, ear infections, abdominal pain, and treatment of lacerations.

Click here for a full list of conditions we treat.

Can I use Next Level as my family doctor if I don't have one?

That depends… are you a Next Level PRIME member? 

Will you refill my medications?

Medication refills are NOT routinely given; however, a provider may refill medications until a patient can be seen by their primary care provider under certain circumstances as deemed necessary, on a case by case basis.

We look forward to caring for you!

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