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Better coordination of care, cost-efficiencies from evidence-based practices, work injury management, employee + family primary care, and discounted pricing for direct contracting are just some of the reasons why companies choose Next Level as their partner in managing employee health. Explore our employer solution options by clicking the interactive cards below.

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Next Level PRIME

Take advantage of unlimited primary care, urgent care, and telemedicine 7 days a week.

Next Level PRIME

Today’s medical care system has made accessing healthcare an overly complicated, expensive and time-consuming experience. Next Level PRIME eliminates these obstacles to ensure a healthy workforce while reducing the cost of health benefits for employers.

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Work Injury Care

Highly skilled medical care for up to ten times the cost savings, all to keep your team up and running!

Work Injury Care

Every seven seconds a worker is injured on the job. Among the most common of those 4.6 million injuries each year are sprains, strains and cuts. Sending employees to an ER for non-life-threatening injuries can be costly, which Next Level eliminates.

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Occupational Medicine

Next Level can conduct pre-screening physicals, drug testing and much more for your employees.

Occupational Medicine

Next Level Urgent Care clinics provide highly skilled employee work injury care for up to ten times the cost savings, with significantly shorter wait times. Our attentive care teams and clean, welcoming clinic spaces reinforce to employees the priority their employer places on their health.

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Onsite Clinics

Paid for directly, on-site clinics provide employees with the most affordable care possible.

Onsite Clinics

Combine exceptional convenience with our unique patient experience to provide preventative and urgent care, wellness education, and various programs, as well as work-related testing and physicals!

Next Level Onsite

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