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About Next Level PRIME

Next Level PRIME allows employers to subscribe to a direct offering through which employees/health care plan dependents have access to a 24/7 connection with a navigator and telemedicine coupled with the ability to utilize all 24+ Next Level Urgent Care facilities for acute care, chronic medical conditions and annual physicals at a $0 patient payment per visit.  This service provides the following benefits to employers looking to reduce health care spending while providing the highest level of care to their staff:

• Decreased ER utilization (expect up to a 20% ER visit reduction)

Decreased hospitalizations for chronic health issues associated with increased utilization of health care services by employees due to low cost and expanded access to care

Decreased lost time from work since patients can be seen in the evenings and weekends even for primary care

Decreased employee costs for basic health care

Improved health of employees with chronic illness by providing a more accessible care option

Early detection of health issues due to participation in preventative care

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