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Work Injury Care &
Occupational Medicine

Why Choose Next Level WorX

Every seven seconds a worker is injured on the job. Among the most common of those 4.6 million injuries each year are sprains, strains and cuts or lacerations. Sending employees to an ER for non-life-threatening injuries can be costly and time-consuming. Next Level Urgent Care clinics provide highly skilled medical care for up to ten times the cost savings, with significantly shorter wait times. Its attentive care teams and clean, welcoming clinic spaces reinforce to employees the priority their employer places on their health.

In addition to work injury care, Next Level can also conduct specialty physicals, such as DOT and pre-employment, as well as drug screening. Individualized health management ensures clear communication and care coordination that benefits employers, patients and insurers, reducing patient anxiety for better outcomes and support for returning to work as soon as possible.

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