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Debunking Urgent Care Myths and Misconceptions

urgent care myths

In this article, we don our “myth busters” hat as we clear up the common myths, misconceptions, and misunderstandings surrounding urgent care!

Why Do Urgent Care Myths Exist?

Urgent care centers (like yours truly) have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a convenient and affordable alternative to emergency rooms for non-life-threatening medical conditions. However, there are still a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding urgent care centers that may prevent people from seeking the care they need.

Misinformation, confusion, and limited understanding are the most common reasons these myths exist. From free standing ERs, hospital ERs, urgent cares and neighborhood walk-in clinics, the variety and methods of care available can become overwhelming and even blurred. To ensure you and your loved ones receive the care you need, let’s debunk the most common misconceptions surrounding urgent care!

Myths Surrounding Care

Myth #1: Urgent care centers are only for minor injuries and illnesses.

While urgent care centers are often used for minor injuries and illnesses, they can also treat more serious conditions, such as sprains, fractures, and infections. In fact, Next Level Urgent Care is one of the few entities specifically that can perform splints and casting in house for broken bones. Click here for a comprehensive list on conditions we treat!

Myth #2: Urgent care centers produce lower quality care than ERs.

Urgent care centers are staffed by many qualified medical professionals/experts, including nurses, physician assistants, primary care doctors, and even x-ray technicians. They are also equipped with x-ray equipment on site.

Myth #3: Urgent care centers are not a good option for children.

Urgent care centers are a great option for children with non-life-threatening medical conditions. If you are unsure whether your child’s condition is serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room, an onsite medical provider will advise you accordingly. At Next Level, if we feel we cannot treat your condition or injury, we’ll refer you or your child to the nearest hospital or ER without charge for the visit. 

Avoid Costly ER Visits

Learn more about the types of ER visits you can avoid at an urgent care clinic!

Myths Surrounding Cost and Access

Myth #4: Urgent care centers are more expensive than emergency rooms.

A common urgent care myth, one that is widely false. In fact, the cost of an urgent care visit is a fraction of what one would pay at an emergency room. Affordable cash pay options for non-insured patients are also available at urgent care clinics like Next Level.

Myth #5: You need an appointment to see a doctor at an urgent care center.

This is also not true. Urgent care centers are designed to be walk-in clinics, so you can usually be seen without an appointment. However, you can still schedule an appointment if it is more convenient. Some urgent care facilities even offer virtual appointment options for added convenience. 

Myth #6: You cannot be treated at an urgent care for an occupational injury.

While this may vary from clinic to clinic, Next Level can assess, treat, and offer long-term treatment plans for occupational injuries of various types. If you’re an employer, we also offer a variety of tailored employer solutions to keep your workforce up and running!

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