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er visits you can avoid with an urgent care clinic

er visits you can avoid

Each year, millions of dollars are spent on ER visits for matters that could have been treated at an urgent care clinic. For non-life threatening injuries and illnesses, here’s some ER visits you can avoid with an urgent care clinic!

What's the Data?

Studies and polls show that nearly 25% of all emergency room visits could have been treated an an urgent care facility. Further, it’s estimated that a potential cost savings of $4.4 billion is lost each year due to these visits. Since emergency rooms are equipped to treat life-threatening injuries, they’re equipped with the necessary tools and staff to do just that. Consequently, this is why the average ER visit is upwards of $1,000.

On the other hand, urgent care clinics are equipped and staffed to handle non-life threatening injuries and illnesses, which is why the average urgent care visit falls between the range of $150 – $200. With that said, many may want to visit an emergency room right away just to feel safe. However, clinics like Next Level Urgent Care will immediately refer a patient to an emergency room or even a specialist if the injury/illness is deemed untreatable on site. 

ER Visits You Can Avoid

With all this said, there is still some confusion about what constitutes a “life-threatening” injury. Further, there are certain conditions that many are unsure if an urgent care can treat. If you’re looking to avoid an emergency room visit this year, here’s a list of some of common injuries that can be treated at your neighborhood Next Level Urgent Care!

  • Broken bones or fractures – Not only can broken bones be treated at an urgent care clinic, but Next Level specifically is one of the few that can perform splints in house.
  • Burns – So long as the burns are not 3rd degree, these can be treated at an urgent care clinic. Burns are of the most common injuries people visit ERs for.
  • Respiratory illnesses – From pneumonia and even asthma, most respiratory illnesses can be treated at an urgent care.
  • Rashes – Rashes that pop-up unexpectedly are often cause for a scare. However, even if occurring from an allergic reaction, these don’t have to be assessed at an ER!
  • Skin damage – From stitches, lacerations, puncture wounds or even abscess treatment, we’re equipped to treat you in house.
  • Fever, flu and strep – Often among the most miserable viruses, which is why many rush to an ER for a remedy! Not only will an urgent care treat you quicker than an ER on this front, it will cost you much less. 

What else are urgent cares equipped to treat?

For a more extensive list, learn the full difference between an urgent care an an emergency room.

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