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Raising Colon Cancer Awareness - The Spike in Recent Diagnosis

colon cancer awareness

Many recent reports indicate that colon cancer is on the rise, especially in younger people. We’re raising colon cancer awareness with insight on symptoms, testing methods and preventative care tips. 

A Noticeable Spike in Numbers

Colon cancer, sometimes referred to as colorectal cancer, is a type of cancer that usually forms in the large intestine and rear digestive tract. Generally, colon cancer affects the older population, usually ages 55 and up. However, a recent article from the Houston Chronical indicates that a resounding 20% of colon cancer cases in 2019 were among adults younger than 55, which is up 11% from 1995. Further, its indicated that roughly half of these reported cases were already in the advances stages of cancer, a massive spike from the mid-2000s. 

Common Signs of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer can be officially diagnosed by a medical doctor though specific testing (which we’ll elaborate on further in this article) however common symptoms of this cancer are easily identifiable. If you or a loved one have experienced any of the following symptoms, it’s important to consult your primary care physician. 

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How is Colon Cancer Diagnosed?

Colon cancer is formally diagnosed through one of the following avenues of testing:

Common Tips to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk

One of the most important aspects of colon cancer awareness is education of healthy lifestyle habits. While nobody can completely rid their chances of contracting colon cancer, healthy lifestyle choices can certainty reduce the risk. Here’s some ways you can help prevent colon cancer now and in the future!

Diet and exercise:

A healthy gut plays a crucial role in ones overall health and well-being. An active lifestyle and healthy diet is the one of the best preventive methods for keeping cancers at bay, especially colon cancer.

Keep up with screenings:

Especially for adults entering their mid-40s and older, it’s important to keep up with routine colon cancer screenings. Further, should you identify one of the above common symptoms, it’s imperative to make this known to your doctor right away.

Drink responsibly:

Limiting alcohol intake, especially as you get older, is another great way to reduce your risk of colon cancer. Drinking in excess (especially regularly) can deteriorate vital organs overtime and make your body susceptible to various diseases. 

Fiber and whole grains:

Part of a balanced diet, especially one that promotes good gut health, is a healthy incorporation of fibers and whole grains. Whole wheat bread, brown rice, oats, and hulled barley are a few excellent choices to incorporate in your diet. 

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