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When using the analogy of “the domino effect,” the prompted image is of dominoes falling down. However, when it comes to employee health clinics, the metaphor works in reverse. As per the definition, one change causes another change that causes another. And in this case, the dominoes pull one another up.


Consider the “when-dominoes-fall” scenario. A county employee feels flu symptoms coming on. He ignores the symptoms because he has too much to do at work, and he cannot spare the time to wait in a long line. Eventually, he calls in sick and makes an appointment with an outside provider. In the end, he lost more time at work, spent more money on treatment, and possibly infected other employees by working while contagious.


What if the illness wasn’t the flu? What if the employee ignored the symptoms of diabetes or heart disease? In these cases, the dominoes would fall more heavily bringing with them increased claims, loss in productivity, and more importantly, severe health risks.

County employee health clinics have the potential to reverse the falling dominoes, propping up qualifying officials, staff, and dependents with preventive care and prompt treatment.


Click here to read the full article written by Texas County Progress.

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