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Next Level Urgent Care CEO Hikes the Appalachian Trail to Raise Cancer Awareness


Thursday, April 29th, began the American Cancer Society Fit2Be Cancer Free challenge.  Fit2Be consists of two components, a one-day CEO stepping competition, and a three-week company challenge.  The CEO stepping competition has been notoriously competitive, with some contestants tracking 60 miles over 24 hours.


Next Level Urgent Care founder and CEO Juliet Breeze, MD, has served on the American Cancer Society Houston’s CEO circle for the last two years.  This year, she was determined not only to outwalk her competitors but also to motivate others to get active and stomp out cancer.


And so, on Wednesday, April 28th, Breeze headed out to Ashville, North Carolina, with her hiking boots in tow for a four-day hiking trip across the Appalachian Trail.  Five others joined her, including fellow “CEO Against Cancer,” Janette Marx of Airswift. 


Breeze and Marx ultimately placed 33rd and 39th respectively out of the 60 CEOs competing.  “Although we had an amazing time out on the trail, we would probably have done better if we weren’t hiking uphill while carrying 30-pound backpacks,” laughed Breeze. “Nevertheless, the goal of this challenge was to promote healthy living and physical activity since both play a role in reducing the likelihood of receiving a cancer diagnosis, and I think we accomplished that.”


Breeze’s Next Level Urgent Care team will continue to get their steps in throughout the remainder of the Fit2Be company challenge, which will conclude on May 20th.  If you would like to support them in their efforts, you can donate here.


100% of donations will go to the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge Houston, an invaluable resource providing no-cost housing for cancer patients traveling to Houston for treatment.     


About Next Level Urgent Care


The largest and fastest-growing woman-owned Urgent Care organization in Houston, Next Level Urgent Care, LLC and its family of urgent care and onsite employee health and wellness clinics throughout the Greater Houston area are the vision of Juliet Breeze, MD, a primary care physician and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. One of the few physician-owned urgent care organizations in Houston, Next Level Urgent Care represents a new type of urgent care organization.


The organization is focused on the customer experience with quality and consistency of care, delivered using proprietary systems, organizational designs, and “next level” clinical and business processes. On-staff physicians and healthcare providers are procedurally trained to handle acute, urgent medical conditions and are part of an established referral network and collaborative effort to facilitate continuation of care and other specialized medical services.  The clinics offer extended hours seven days a week and on holidays, at a fraction of the price of hospital emergency room or ER clinic visits.

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