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Next Level Medical, LLC Announces Rebranding Effort, Spotlights PRIME Program Now Driving Company Growth

Next Level Medical, LLC Announces PRIME Program Now Driving Company Growth

Next Level Urgent Care and PRIME Employer Solutions Cover Healthcare on Every Front

HOUSTON – Next Level Medical, LLC has launched a rebranding effort that now prominently features the Next Level PRIME employer program, which is driving the rapid company growth.


The PRIME employer solutions program, represented now with an orange “P” in the logo, gives employers an affordable employee healthcare option used either in conjunction with other employee health benefits, or as the primary employee healthcare plan.


Developed in 2021 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Next Level PRIME ensures quality employee healthcare for all employees’ basic needs regardless of company size and provides employers with additional incentive to both attract and retain employees.


According to Next Level Urgent Care founder and CEO, Juliet Breeze, M.D., the PRIME employer subscription service provides an innovative way to ensure health benefits to all employees, both part time and full time, and their dependents – distinguishing businesses wanting to take care of existing employees while attracting new ones in a competitive market.


“Employees don’t pay a dime for basic healthcare through the Next Level PRIME program.  There is such a need for this type of program that in this short amount of time we have gained thousands of new PRIME members,” said Breeze, who recently spoke about the Next Level PRIME rebranding effort in a local interview.


“Next Level PRIME provides an affordable option to ensure employee health and overall well-being, reducing sick days, ER visits and time off work, while improving overall employee satisfaction.  It also provides peace of mind and fills in healthcare gaps for employees and their dependent family members.  It’s a win-win and something that our own Next Level employees helped us realize,” added Breeze.


Breeze underscored that the rebranding is not the result of a merger or other organizational change but rather the excitement that the program has generated among local businesses.  Built on the same affordable, quality urgent care model that propelled the organization’s growth over the past eight years, the PRIME employer solutions program is accelerating further growth beyond the greater Houston area.


Next Level PRIME includes Primary Care, Urgent Care, Telemedicine, Health Coaching, Labs, Durable Medical Equipment and Access to all Next Level Urgent Care clinics and virtual 24/7 care access at no cost to the employee.


According to a Reimagine Work Employee Survey (December 2020 – January 2021) conducted by McKinsey & Company as part of the World Economic Forum Jobs Reset Summit, “increased focus on employee well-being” was among the top four hopes for the future that employees expressed.  The Next Level PRIME program gives employers a tangible way to provide this.


The award-winning Next Level Urgent Care organization and its nationally recognized leadership provides healthcare services for all ages – from ear, nose and throat conditions to sprains and broken bones, and gastrointestinal issues.  The clinics also offer COVID-19 testing and clinical trials for new treatments, work injury care and occupational medicine options for employers.


Download the “Get in Line Online” app to schedule an appointment, or text “NLUCAPP” to 313131. Contact Next Level Urgent Care  or call 281.783.8162 to learn more about Next Level services and programs. 



 About Next Level Urgent Care

The fastest growing private medical organization in Texas, Next Level Medical, LLC and its family of urgent care and onsite employee health and wellness clinics across the Houston metro area represent the vision of Juliet Breeze, MD, a primary care physician and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. One of the few women physician-led urgent care organizations in Texas, Next level also provides advanced primary care through its employer-paid membership model called Next Level PRIME.  Next Level Medical is reimagining the healthcare experience.


The organization is focused on the customer experience, providing quality and affordable healthcare – delivered using proprietary systems, organizational designs and “next level” clinical and business processes. Professional on-staff healthcare providers are procedurally trained to handle a wide range of acute urgent medical conditions and are part of an established referral network and collaborative effort to facilitate continuity of care and other specialized medical services.  The clinics offer extended hours seven days a week and on holidays, at a fraction of the price of hospital emergency room or ER clinic visits.


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