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Houston Urgent Care Offers Groundbreaking Therapy to High Risk Patients

Doctor hold a vial of monoclonal antibodies , a new treatment for coronavirus Covid-19, on a white table

Next Level Urgent Care remains at the forefront of COVID-19 research and treatment


Next Level continues to offer the latest in therapeutic options for the treatment of COVID-19.  After participating in the earliest research studies of the Regeneron Monoclonal Antibody infusion, the team is now proud to offer this incredible treatment in many of their clinic locations.


Next Level is committed to providing the best medical care and services for all of their patients.  “We are dedicated to ensuring that our community has access to cutting-edge treatments like these Regeneron Monoclonal antibody infusions,” says Next Level Founder and CEO, Juliet Breeze, MD. 


The inpatient mortality rate for COVID-19 positive individuals drops dramatically when they receive this treatment. However, this advance in medical technology is only available at select hospitals and clinics across the country.  “The reason for housing the Regeneron Monoclonal Antibody program is simple: we want to ensure that all of our patients have access to this life-saving treatment,” states Next Level Chief Medical Officer, Robbyn Traylor, MD.  


If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and are interested in scheduling a Regeneron Monoclonal Antibody Infusion at one of Next Level’s 17 clinics across the greater Houston area, please visit their website.

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