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Long story short, this is a great place! My daughter caught a case of the flu at work. It was too late to go to our doctor's office and we didn't want to shell out the dollars for an emergency room visit. When we got here, I was surprised at how many other patients were here. They say you can tell the best restaurants, because they have full parking lots. When we are arrived the waiting area had four other patients waiting and I later found out, that three people were being attended in the back. The staff is very professional, congenial, and competent. They were quick, efficient, and sympathetic. Of course we had to wait, as there were other patients in front of us. When we were saying, we are rendered, what I consider to be, excellent medical attention. The staff even directed us to the nearest 24-hour pharmacy so we can immediately start my daughter on medications. All in all, this was a good end to a bad day for my daughter.

Cynthia Muniz

I brought my child to Next Level Urgent Care in Sugar Land for the first time early this morning. I downloaded the app and got a response right away to bring her in. The office was really clean and the staff was welcoming. As soon as we checked in we were escorted to a room right away where I was able to complete the patient forms on my phone. It was such a quick and seamless process! Thank you to NP Courtney who was so nice and attentive to my child’s needs. We will definitely be returning to this urgent care facility.

Richard Kim

I came in around 8:40pm on Sunday with an injured ankle from playing basketball. They took excellent care of me, and the staff was extremely professional and friendly. After diagnosing and treating my ankle, they even helped me with a follow up appointment with a specialist. Great staff and superb medical care here!

Madelyn Y

This Next Level shares a parking lot with a small Memorial Hermann Hospital. It is in the same building as Sugar Lakes family practice. Staff was efficient and friendly. I was able to complete my visit from check in to check out in 30 min. Recommend for sure

Ashley Vo

It was super busy but I got a room very fast. Great guest service and love the tech name Veronica and the PA name Laura. Thank you for taking care of my toe which was in pain.

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