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Felicia Neal

This was my first time visiting this facility. I checked in online and as soon as I walked through the doors the staff were so welcoming and polite(Devonna and Marisha). They obtain the additional information needed and before we could sit down, we were being walked back to a room. Laurie was very courteous in finding out what brought us in. Dr. Lacey was so tentative and thorough. My daughter and I were in and out within an hour and all our needs were met with patience. Very good team and set up they have going on. Thank you ladies, great job!!

Christa TeBeest

Very quick, very friendly. Allen is an awesome nurse! He was so funny and completely put my son's nerves at ease. P.A's and nurses have all been great! I would definitely recommend this urgent care to anyone in the area.

michael sullivan

Always helpful. Usually get right in and out. Waited bit over an hour start to finish, which isn't bad. They kept apologizing, but i have other places almost forget about you. Dr. W is awesome because he tells you everything, why you are having symptoms and what needs do, without talking down to you. Very informative and great manner. They send rx in to the pharmacy and all.

Brittany Miller

I have been to Next Level in the past and the experience was much better than my attempt to be seen last night around 5:40pm. The staff that was working this evening lacks a standard care. There was a young lady with glasses at the front desk who looked as if she was annoyed that I had just walked in and gave a very unwelcoming hello. Once I made it to the counter she didn’t ask how can I help you she just stared until I stated what I needed. As I was explaining to her that I was in need of fluids due to dehydration because of severe morning sickness. A lead nurse over heard and immediately began stating how they could not help me. He stated he could only offer me 1 liter and after that there’s no way to monitor how much fluid is needed and that they would have to start doing blood test etc. I went back to my car dissatisfied by the response and decided that I would go ahead and take the 1 liter because I feel miserable. When I walked back in another young lady who was sitting at the computer facing the wall looked up at me and said well it’s his Decision he already said we can’t do it. I said well he said he can do 1 liter and I would like that. She walks away and comes back and states he will talk to you in this room. Like I’m on the way to the principles office. He came in and gave me another poor excuse, but then says but its up to you. Who would still want to be treated by you and your staff after all this negativity. He then says i don’t know what you’re looking for the fluids to do; they aren’t going to cure your morning sickness. I understand he wasnt going to cure my morning sickness that’s common sense. I just needed relief of my dehydration and this staff was completely full of excuses and poor standard of care. He says well 1 liter is not going to get rid of your symptoms. That’s funny because i went to a hospital and yes that 1 liter did just that! You all work in health care. If you all have a problem seeing patients when there were no patients in the waiting room then perhaps you should change your profession. I work in healthcare and I have never given my patients the treatment that you all thought was acceptable. This office needs to be better managed and trained when it comes to Standard of Care, Ethics, Morals and Jurisprudence. A receptionist job is to also put the patients at ease not making them uncomfortable. Try smiling! I’m highly disappointed at the lack of professionalism.

Michelle D.

The ladies at the front desk were not too gracious, but the two nurses that assisted me were lovely. They were kind and honest enough to inquire about my pain and told me they could not help with my particular problem. Other places would have superficially tended to me just to collect payment. The female nurse in particular was sweet, gentle, and thoughtful. Thank you.

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