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The Perfect Combo of Fall Spices

Fall season spices
The perfect way to brighten up your Fall table is with these flavorful and warming spices.


Spices are warming our homes this time of year. But did you know they can also help keep us healthy? Nutmeg and cinnamon have been used as natural remedies for centuries, with many health benefits, from improving your brain power to boosting metabolism! Read on as we share all the incredible properties that these ingredients have to offer!


Both nutmeg and cinnamon are loaded with a lot of antioxidants; these substances will help your body fight against free radicals. Nutmeg is rich in copper, magnesium, folate, and phosphorus content. Cinnamon is also rich in potassium, calcium, fiber, and iron source. Compared to 26 spices, cinnamon is a champion as it contains polyphenols and is lower in saturated fat and monounsaturated fat


The delicious fall seasonings are not just for desserts anymore! These spices can do wonders to improve your health. Thus, don’t forget to enjoy dishes made with them, especially as the temperatures are cooling down and the holidays are upon us!


Happy Holidays everyone!

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