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Imagine walking into an urgent care with a broken arm and only paying $20 for your visit without having to go through insurance.  Sounds like a dream, right?  Healthcare subscriptions are making this dream into a reality. 


As insurance costs rise, employers need to rethink how they provide high quality, affordable medical care to their employees.  While subscription services aren’t a new thing, they’re becoming more and more popular in the healthcare field. 


Here’s the gist of how they work:


  • Employers pay a small fee per employee per month.
  • Employees receive unlimited healthcare for a very small co-pay per visit, regardless of what they’re treated for.


Next Level offers subscription plans which allow employees to access any of our 15 urgent care clinics across the greater Houston area for just $20 a visit.



Whether a large business with 500-plus employees, a small to medium size employer, or an association providing its members group healthcare purchasing, Next Level offers a customizable menu of solutions for fulfilling workforce healthcare needs.  Click here to learn more!

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