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Next Level Helps Northside ISD Elementary Transform Vacant Space Into a Peaceful Retreat

galm elementary zen den

SAN ANTONIO, TX (February 13, 2023) – Northside ISD’s Clarence Galm Elementary has come up with a creative way for its teachers and staff to relax in a tranquil, Zen-like setting without ever leaving the school.

The Galm Elementary Zen Den!

With the help of Next Level Urgent Care, Galm Elementary (1454 Saxonhill Drive) has transformed an unused school space into a peaceful retreat where teachers and staff can escape from the sometimes chaotic, albeit rewarding, school days.

Aptly named the “Zen Den,” the serene space includes a stretching area, neck massager, aroma lamps which diffuse essential oils, yoga blocks, weights and mini fridge stocked with granola bars, snacks and fruit. Twinkling fairy lights, a forest mural and area rug add to the welcoming and relaxing feel of the space. That is until Amy Platt, community outreach coordinator for Next Level Urgent Care, met Anguiano to discuss how the urgent care provider can support the school.

“Our PTA started outfitting the area during COVID-19, but we never finished the space. I knew just what to ask for – items to finish off our Zen Den! Everyone enjoys having a space where they can relax in a quiet, peaceful place.”


Monica Anguiano, Associated Principal at Galm Elementary.

Platt secured a $1,000 donation from Next Level Urgent Care to complete the space. She also collected furnishings and even donated a couch from her own home.

Now up to four teachers and staff members at a time can use the Zen Den during a 30-minute break they receive in addition to their lunch period. They can also access the space before or after school.  Galm Elementary still houses a traditional teachers’ lounge where teachers can chat with one another, eat lunch and plan lessons.

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