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Need a Costume Idea?

Check Out Some of Our Favorite Next Level Employee Costumes from Years Past.

  1. Easy Mac – What can you do with all of your empty toilet paper rolls? Turn ‘em into Macaroni!

  1. Cruella De Vil and Her Dalmatian – All it takes is a black and white wig and an old t-shirt!

  1. Family of Trolls – This cute family grabbed some colorful wigs and big ears to bring their vision to life!

  1. The Care Bear Family- An adorable and cozy costume option!

  1. Guy Fieri- The signature Guy Fieri bleached hair, goatee, and tattoo sleeve would have anyone fooled!

  1. The Colonel and his KFC Chicken- This cute couple nailed it this year with a feathery white boa, mask, and the colonel’s famous white suit!

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