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It can be hard to get in the holiday spirit when dealing with all of the different personalities, opinions, and beliefs that come with spending the holiday with family members.  Stress less with our tips for promoting good cheer at family gatherings.  


Give everyone a task. From setting the table to preparing appetizers to watching over the kids, there are so many simple tasks that can be delegated to family members.  There won’t be time for bickering if everyone’s busy.  Plus, this will take some pressure off of you if you’re the host/hostess!


Include Some Family Fun. Watch a holiday movie, play a trivia game, or go caroling!  Keep it light-hearted and fun for everyone.


Limit the alcohol. While a little bit of alcohol may get everyone feeling happy, too much could be feud-fueling.  Try making one or two cocktails per guest instead of leaving the bar open all night.


Remain Calm. Easier said than done, we know, but if someone is overstepping in conversation, feel free to make up an excuse to get away and take some deep breaths. 


Finally, if getting together with family is consistently stressful for you, consider talking with a professional counselor who may be able to help you overcome family conflict.  



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