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Let’s face it – providing healthcare for your employees is costly.  But, what if we told you that those costs could be reduced by up to 64%?  How about if we told you that the time lost due to employees leaving work to seek outside medical care could be reduced by up to 70%?  Better yet, what if we told you that the number of times your employees turned to an emergency room for medical care could be reduced by up to 63%?*  All of this could be achieved through the implementation of an onsite clinic at your workplace.


A mutually beneficial healthcare solution for both the employer and the employees is what onsite clinics are all about.  Every seven seconds a worker is injured on the job. Among the most common of those 4.6 million injuries each year are sprains, strains and cuts or lacerations. Sending employees to an ER for non-life-threatening injuries can be costly and time-consuming.  


Onsite clinics provide employees with easy access to preventative and urgent care, as well as work-related testing and physicals, all at no cost to the employee.  Clean, welcoming clinic spaces, and attentive care teams reinforce to employees the priority their employer places on their health.



Next Level WorX offers a customizable menu of solutions for fulfilling workforce healthcare needs, including:



  • Full Service On-site Health and Wellness Clinics that combine exceptional convenience with Next Level’s unique patient experience to provide preventative and urgent care, wellness education and programs, as well as work-related testing and physicals. Paid for directly, on-site clinics provide employees with the most affordable care possible.
  • CareXtend, Next Level’s innovative, on-site video extension clinic staffed by a medical assistant who performs examinations as directed by the Next Level provider via video conference. The result is a real clinic experience using sophisticated digital equipment.
  • A Near-site subscription care program utilizing Next Level Urgent Care clinics across Houston through direct contracts or as discounted packages of pre-paid visits.
  • Comprehensive work injury management and full-service occupational medicine network with access to Next Level Urgent Care clinic locations for treatment and care coordination.


Learn more about how you can provide Next Level healthcare to your employees.


* https://www.johnshopkinssolutions.com/better-than-a-coffee-break-onsite-clinics-reduce-health-costs/


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