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5 quick wins for a productive new year

Ever feel like you have more tasks on hand than you have time to do them? Well, you’re not alone. If we put the same amount of time and focus that we do agonizing over our never-ending to-do lists, into doing them, we would probably have more free time on our hands and enjoy life a lot more. It’s all about getting ahead of the game! Here are a few simple strategies you can easily incorporate into your daily lives to achieve success.

  1. Work smarter not harder.

Stop beating yourself up trying to remember everything! You can start with a simple pen and paper or a digital app. Every task, every commitment should be noted, or create reminders on your smartphone. The beauty about lists is that they’re both inspiring and tangible. You can see your progress, which gives you the motivation to keep going! Being consistent is the key. This leads us to utilize our time wisely…

  1. Time block.

Plan your schedule like you would a physical workout. When you have a lot on your to-do list, your instinct might be to handle it all at the same time. You can’t physically perform three exercises at the same time, so why try to mentally juggle three tasks at once? A key to ensuring your work gets done effectively is to avoid overloading yourself. Determine what times of the day and week work best for you to fit in those errands and people that are most important to you. Make sure you still focus on your hobbies and self-improvement goals and stick to them. It will inspire others to do the same.

  1. Just do it, like Nike.

If it takes two minutes or less, do it right now. When you remember you need to send that email or call to make a reservation, don’t add it to your to-do list or tell yourself you’ll do it later—just get it out of the way now and get on with your day with one less thing to deal with.

  1. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

Know that not one of us can do it all alone. Think of life like a sport, where we all play better and are stronger together! You’d be surprised who is willing to help you when you simply ask. It’s a part of humanity. Who knows, maybe they have something you can offer your support or advice with as well. Also, delegating your tasks to others is nothing to feel shameful of. If you need to pick up a certain product from a store and know your friend or coworker frequently shops or lives near there, it doesn’t hurt to ask a simple favor. The worst you can get is a no.

  1. Take breaks.

The benefits of breaks are endless. They keep you motivated because after taking a short walk or getting some healthy food, your brain will be ready to go back to work with new energy! Use this time to respond or reach out to your friends or family, play your favorite game, catch up on the news, or take a peaceful walk outside.


This is not about never failing to accomplish everything, it’s about giving yourself the opportunity and options to manage all that this life brings. And do yourself a favor and give yourself permission to accept that some days we won’t finish with a win. We simply wake up and try again. The trick is to stay consistent and organize your tasks while using your time effectively. We hope these tips mentioned above help you to improve your productivity in both your work and personal life.

As we look back on the year and see our struggles and our triumphs, we are grateful you’ve been there with us through each step. Happy New Year from our Next Level Family to yours!

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