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COVID-19 Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact can be seen across every socio-economic class, demographic group, and industry.  Perhaps, most unsettling though, is its effect on mental health.  Social isolation, job instability, and increased stress have all been contributing factors to worsening mental health in a large proportion of the U.S. population since the onset of COVID-19.

Next Level Urgent Care began COVID-19 testing across their 15 urgent care locations beginning in March of 2020 and shortly after expanded into Houston workplaces, providing onsite COVID-19 testing and temperature checks for employers such as Houston Metro, Igloo, and Apache Corporation.  “It quickly became clear that these preventative measures, while recommended for reducing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, were not providing the feeling of security for company employees that we had hoped for.  We needed to address employee mental health,” Chief Medical Officer, Karen Rakers, MD noted.

In conjunction with clinical psychologist, Ilyssa Bass, PhD, the Next Level Health and Wellness team began assembling a group of diverse mental health and workplace wellness professionals to address mental health stigma in the workplace and educate employers on how to implement creative solutions in response to employee mental health issues.

The Prioritizing Workplace Wellness Summit is a 5 day virtual summit which includes over 25 interviews from experts such as Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D, Daryl Shorter, MD, Craig Kramer, Liz Kislik, Bill Judge, JD, LL.M, and Jeff Gorter, LMSW.  While there are options to upgrade for lifetime access to speaker content, MP3 Versions of each interview for easy listening, and bonus resources from speakers including Brent Darnell’s guided meditation CD, Dr. Shanna B. Tiayon’s e-course on Workplace Wellness, and Dr. Jodi Frey’s EAP resource guides, all interviews will be completely free to watch for the summit’s 5 day duration.

The Prioritizing Workplace Wellness summit took place September 28th– October 2nd. You can purchase lifetime access to the speaker content here. 

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