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COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing


Next Level now offers several testing options:

  • PCR Tests- Required for traveling abroad.  PCR tests are fully covered by insurance.  Result turnaround time is currently between 1-3 business days.  We are unable to rush results at this time.

  • Same-Day (Rapid) Testing- Rapid tests are currently not covered by insurance. The self-pay rate for the test plus evaluation is $250.  Alternatively, you can use your insurance to cover the evaluation, and then you would only be responsible for paying $75 at the time of visit for the test itself.

  • Antibody Testing- Antibody tests are fully covered by insurance.  Result turnaround time for antibody testing is 5 business days.

Feel free to get in line online for COVID-19 testing through the Next Level app (Text NLUCAPP to 313131 to download), or click here to schedule a testing appointment.