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Woman sneezes and blows his nose in a handkerchief in an autumn park

Ain’t nobody got time for the flu!  Keep yourself flu free with these simple tips:


1.) Get your flu shot!  Everyone older than 6 months should get the flu vaccination.  On average, flu shots are 40-60% effective in reducing flu occurrences among the overall population.  Next Level Urgent Care offers flu shots for only $35.


2.) Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.  The most effective way to kill germs through hand washing is to wet your hands with water, apply soap to a cupped hand, rub your hands vigorously, covering them with soap (from fingertips to wrist) for 20 seconds or more, rinse well, and dry them off with a clean towel.  You can also purchase an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to use on the go.


3.) Clean communal surfaces (fridge handles, phone chargers, bathroom doors, etc) at least once a day with a standard household cleaner.


4.) Stay away from sick people!  Keeping your distance (at least, 6 feet) from sick people can decrease your chances of contracting the flu virus, as germs spread by a sneeze or cough do not generally go further than 6 feet.


5.) Request Tamiflu from a physician if a family member is sick.  Tamiflu, prescribed in small doses, can prevent the flu, but is not recommended for people who are not in frequent contact with others who have the flu virus, as it can ultimately increase flu resistance to the anti-viral drug.


6.) Relax!  Those that are stressed out are less likely to develop the protective antibodies in response to the flu vaccine, and even with all of the above precautions, no environment will be completely sterile.

The flu is not completely preventable, but with the above precautions, you can decrease your chances of becoming a victim of the flu this season.


If all else fails, come on into Next Level and our friendly and knowledgeable staff we will get you taken care of!

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