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We could go on and on about the benefits of stretching, but we’ve decided to narrow it down to 7.


1.)  Stretching increases your flexibility.  Not only does flexibility allow you to better perform everyday activities, but it has also been shown to delay reduced mobility, which comes with aging.



2.)  Stretching increases your range of motion.  If you’ve been finding that your body just “doesn’t quite move that way anymore,” try stretching.  Stretching regularly can help your joints get back to their full range of motion.



3.)  Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles. Studies have shown that stretching may improve blood circulation throughout the body.  Increased blood flow to our muscles means faster recovery time and reduced muscle soreness.



4.)  Stretching can improve your posture.  Poor posture can be a result of muscle imbalances. Stretching all parts of the body can encourage proper alignment, resulting in better posture.



5.)  Stretching can prevent and heal back pain. Stretching and strengthening back muscles can help decrease and prevent back pain caused by tight muscles.



6.)  Stretching is great stress relief!  Remember, a healthy mind equals a healthy body.  Our muscles, especially our neck, shoulders, and upper back, tend to hold our stress by tightening up.  Focusing on these muscle groups can help release some of that tenseness.



7.)  Stretching can calm your mind.  Stretching, when combined with a meditation or mindfulness practice can help to give your mind a break, resulting in a sense of calmness.  Read more about mindfulness practices in our “Have You Changed Your Mind?” blog.



Read more about the benefits of stretching and how to make stretching a habit here: 





Sold on the benefits of stretching?  Here are some of our favorite exercises to get you started!



1.)  Downward Dog



2.)  Side Oblique Stretch



3.)  Crescent Pose



4.)  Child’s Pose



5.)  Cat Pose



6.)  Cow Pose



7.)  Pigeon



Read more about the benefits of these stretches here: https://dailyburn.com/life/fitness/best-yoga-stretches/



Or, check out Freedom Genesis for resources to kickstart your Yoga routine: https://freedomgenesis.com/yoga-core-exercises/

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