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the child swims and dives in the pool. Selective focus.

Chances are your kiddos are just as excited to get out of the house as you are to have a few minutes of relaxation.  With temperatures rising and stay at home orders lifted, a pool day sounds especially enticing.


However, don’t forget that pools can be dangerous when proper safety measures are not in place.


Follow these simple tips to keep your children safe:


  • Consider swim lessons.  In just a few lessons, your children can learn life saving techniques such as paddling, floating, and staying calm in a scary situation.
  • Never let a child swim unsupervised.  Even if you only plan to step away for a few minutes, make sure that you leave your child with a designated adult supervisor. 
  • Consider getting your CPR, Aed & First Aid certification so that you are prepared in case incidents arise.
  • Finally, don’t forget that sunscreen is absolutely necessary when outside.  Water can intensify the sun’s rays causing an even greater burn, so be sure to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before your child enters the pool and every 2 hours that they stay outside to be safe.


Have a fun and safe pool day, everyone!


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