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Unless you’re one of those rare people with an endless list of dinner ideas, breaking your week up into themed dinner nights may alleviate the stress that comes with planning 7 days worth of meals.  Here are just a few of our favorite family friendly themes: 


1. Pasta Night: Add in some protein, grilled or roasted vegetables, and choose a more nutritious sauce such as pesto or marinara. 


2. Stir Fry Night: Stir fries are as easy as sauteing a variety of vegetables and meat together.  We love a good stir fry over steamed rice.  Stir fries are also a great option if you have food in your fridge that you need to get rid of quickly (i.e. everything but the kitchen sink stir fry!).


3. Pizza Night:  This one’s not just for the kids!  Consider opting for a healthier crust alternative such as cauliflower crust or whole wheat and letting everyone build their own pizzas with a variety of pre-cooked meats and vegetables. 


4. Slow Cooker Night:  Slow cooker meals are fantastic if you know you’re going to have a particularly busy day.  Throw the ingredients in and forget about it for a few hours while you run errands or get some work done around the house. 


5. Meatless Monday:  Whether you’re looking to introduce plant-based protein to your diet, or you simply haven’t had time to refresh the meat selection in your fridge, meatless Monday is the perfect opportunity to experiment with new ingredients. 


6. Taco Tuesday: Taco Tuesday is all the rage.  You can create healthier tacos by subbing out your ground beef for ground chicken or turkey and opting for a lettuce wrap or whole wheat tortilla.


7. Soup Night: Soups are not only great in this chilly weather, but they’re also extremely easy to batch cook and freeze.  Stock your freezer full of nutritious soups and heat them over the stove in a pinch. 


8. Fish Night:  Boost your brain and heart health by incorporating more fish into your diet.  Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and B2.  It’s also a great source of minerals!  


9. Breakfast for Dinner Night: Breakfast for dinner is already quick and easy, but it’s 10 times easier if you have your ingredients pre-prepped.  For example, pre-chopped veggies go great in omelets! 


10. Casserole Night:  Casserole night is a heartier version of soup night, but provides the same ease and flexibility.  Batch bake and freeze your casseroles for weeknight convenience. 


11. Leftovers Night: We love a good leftovers night at the end of the week.  No planning involved, plus your family cleans out the fridge for you!  It’s a win-win!


Whether you’re looking to save time planning each week or are on a mission to create healthier family meals, we hope these dinner themes get you on track to achieving your goals. 


Have a themed dinner idea that’s not on our list?  Comment it below!  


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