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Trying to be social while preventing the spread of COVID-19?  Here are some suggestions for staying in touch with friends and family without actually touching anyone.


  • Have a virtual hangout! There are tons of free video call options available like Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc. that allow multiple users to speak face to face without being in the same room.  Have a party if you want!  Just let your friends know it’ll be BYOB 😉
  • Get a workout in with your gym buddy. Many gyms are offering free online classes right now, and if yours isn’t, there are tons of platforms with workouts on demand.  No excuses!
  • With all this free time, plan a girl’s (or guy’s) trip! Create a groupchat via text or Google Hangouts with your friends and make a plan for an awesome vacay once all this quarantining is over.
  • Host a game night! Virtually of course!  Headsup Houseparty allows you to play the popular charades game with friends via video!  If charades isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other apps like Scrabble Go and Monopoly that can be played long distance.
  • Netflix and Chill together. Did you know there’s an extension that allows you to invite others to watch a movie with you?  There’s even an online chat room you can use to provide commentary during the film.  All you need is Google Chrome and the Netflix Party Extension.


Happy quarantining, Next Level Fam!


Stay healthy!


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