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How can you expect to stay motivated with workouts you don’t enjoy?  If traditional cardio isn’t calling your name, find cardio that excites you instead.  Below are just a few options, in no particular order, available in Houston.


1. ROW.  Row Studios offers high intensity, low impact classes to get your blood pumping, all while on a row machine! https://rowstudios.com

2. POUND.  If you’re into music, a cardio drumming class might be your thing!  POUND classes are offered at Lifetime Fitness studios all around Houston. https://www.lifetime.life

3. MUSE. Equinox gym just released a new class called MUSE, which combines dance moves with lightweights so you can burn calories and get toned at the same time. https://www.equinox.com/clubs/texas/houston

4. BOUNCE. Revisit your childhood with Define Body and Mind’s BOUNCE class, which involves 45 minutes of bouncing on a trampoline, while incorporating dance moves, strength exercises, and sprints. Define Body and Mind has gyms all around Houston.   https://definebody.com

5. CARDIO KICKBOXING.  Learn self-defense and get your cardio in at the same time with Elite MMA’s cardio kickboxing class!  https://www.elite-mma.com/cardio-kickboxing.html

6. SPINNING. There are so many cool cycling studios in Houston including Revolution Studio, SoulCycle, RYDE, Define Body and Mind and so many more.  Each studio has its own unique way of teaching a spin class so check out a few and find what’s exciting and fun for you.

7. INTERVAL RUNNING.  For those of you who enjoy running but need a little bit of extra motivation, RacePace (https://www.racepacerunners.com/pricing) offers interval-based running workouts on treadmills.  You can also try interval running outside using a pre-recorded workout through the Aaptiv app (https://snip.ly/tfel0#https://aaptiv.com/)


We hope some of these workout ideas inspire you to get your cardio in and have fun at the same time!

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