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Not only do indoor plants remove carbon dioxide and toxins from the environment, making for cleaner air, but studies show that they also boost your mood! Despite the benefits, it can be challenging for allergy sufferers to justify living with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and puffiness 24/7. Luckily, a few hypo-allergenic houseplants mean no one has to choose between clean air and allergy-free living.


The Areca Palm: The Areca Palm not only cleans the air but moistens it as well. It’s nature’s best air humidifier! 


The Lady Palm: The Lady Palm is happy in just about any environment, including hot and humid Houston! It also resists most plant-eating insects. 


The Bamboo Palm: We recommend the Bamboo plant for those with green thumbs as it is slightly higher maintenance than the first two options on our list. However, with a moist and partially sunlight environment, it’s a fantastic air purifier. 


The Dracaena: The Dracaena is nature’s air filter, and is in fact, known for trapping allergens on its leaves, keeping the air clean and allergen-free. 


Peace Lily: The Peace Lily is easy to care for and absolutely gorgeous with its stunning white flowers. As a bonus, it doesn’t need much water or light to thrive! 


Swedish Ivy: Swedish Ivy is a low pollen house plant and is ideal for newbie gardeners. It’s perfect for hanging in indirect sunlight and grows reasonably quickly with minimal maintenance.  


We hope these low allergy houseplant options inspire you to brighten up your home! 

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