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Many medical centers and doctor's offices only service preregistered patients and families. These establishments are not considered "walk-in clinics". Any medical center or clinic that allows patients to come in whenever they require help (during business hours) without an appointment can be considered a walk-in clinic. At Next Level Urgent Care, we are committed to providing high quality, affordable health care for everyone (including walk-in patients). We have a knowledgeable and professional staff that can provide a variety of medical services. We encourage you to call ahead to book your appointment or schedule an appointment online or through are app, but we are also open to treating walk-in patients.
Unlike many clinics that provide treatment to walk-in patients, we have upfront pricing with no hidden fees. If a patient walks in with no insurance, the most they will pay out of pocket in our clinic is $200 (including broken bones). We are open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. This helps patients to book appointments for the unexpected illnesses that may occur. It is hard to predict when you or a loved one may become sick, get hurt or injured and will be in need of professional medical care. In these moments you don't always have time to wait to see your regular doctor. Instead, come in and see us at Next Level Urgent Care.


When seeking medical care, it is important to use a clinic you trust. At Next Level Urgent Care, we pride ourselves on offering high quality medical care and service. You get the same health care treatment you are used to at your regular doctor's office, but with little-to-no wait line. We are open 7 days a week, so fitting a visit into your schedule is easy. In most cases you can call ahead and book your appointment same day, or walk-in and see a medical professional within minutes.

Whether your child has suddenly broken a bone, or if you or someone you know has fallen ill, Next Level Urgent Care is here to provide quality and effective assistance. We also do a variety of medical tests on site and can provide on site X-Rays as well. Our staff is experienced and can assist with most medical issues. If you come into one of our clinics needing assistance beyond our scope of care, we will refer you to a specialist or an emergency room at no charge for your visit to our clinic.


At Next Level Urgent Care, we are committed to providing high quality, affordable health care for walk-in patients. We have Urgent Care centers in multiple locations in the Houston area that provide an experienced and professional staff. You can book an appointment online, download our app to book an appointment, or simply walk-in when it is most convenient for you.

Not only do we have multiple facilities and convenient hours, or clinics are also competitively priced and staffed with experienced personnel. We will diagnose your condition and provide you with the medicine or treatment you need. Come in to one of our clinics today or call ahead and book your next appointment with Next Level Urgent Care.

  • Published by Next Level Urgent Care on October 5, 2015

    While no one wants to get sick or injured, it happens to everyone at some point. And since life doesn’t keep regular business hours, it often happens at the most inconvenient times—like in the evening or on the weekend. Even during regular hours, it’s sometimes difficult for people to make an appointment with their primary care doctor on short notice. Waits of several days are not uncommon. When this happens, there are two options: the emergency room, or an urgent care clinic. Both of these have their place, and they serve very different functions. If you have an after-hours health issue, there are some important things to consider both before and after visiting a walk-in clinic.


    Is it life-threatening?

    While walk-in clinics address urgent medical problems that need immediate attention, they’re not set up to take care of life-threatening issues. Chest pains, severe wounds or amputation, possible strokes, and other possibly life-threatening conditions are beyond their ability to treat. People experiencing these types of problems should go to the emergency room immediately. For sprains and strains, fractures, non-life-threatening lacerations that need stitches, and acute but not life-threatening illnesses, urgent care can be a very cost-effective solution. Patients whose condition is beyond their scope of care will be referred to the emergency room.

    Is this a chronic condition?

    Urgent care clinics are meant to provide just that—urgent care. They are not meant to take the place of a primary care physician, and are not a suitable option for conditions that require ongoing care and/or monitoring. Patients seeking to be seen for chronic conditions will be referred to a primary-care physician.

    How soon do you need to be seen?

    Emergency room waits are typically measured in hours, unless a person is actually in danger of dying. Primary care visits, while not as interminable as ER visits, can also entail long waits. In contrast, urgent-care patients are generally seen within a very short time—often only minutes. Urgent care is the best option for those who can’t afford to wait.

    Do you have health insurance?

    Doctor’s visits are expensive, especially if you don’t have insurance, and ER bills can be astronomical. Urgent care co-pays usually range from $25-$75, and are many times less expensive than an ER visit for those with no insurance. Nextcare patients will never pay more than $200 per visit, even for broken bones or stitches.

    Will you need follow-up care?

    Urgent care clinics and emergency rooms don’t generally do follow-up care, instead referring people to their primary-care physicians. Nextcare does make a follow-up telephone call two days after clinic visits to check on patients’ well-being.

    These are a few things to consider when deciding whether to visit a primary care physician, urgent care, or the ER. Other considerations may include what hours each is open, how far away each location is, or other factors.

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Cynthia W

Next Level Urgent Care

"Being a new Houston resident and not having a PCP as of yet, when it became apparent that I needed to see a doctor, I let the great reviews of Next Level Urgent Care lure me in...I was not disappointed!"

Carolyn McDonald

Next Level Urgent Care

Great experience! The nurse was really nice and the doctor was great with our 3 year old. They were thorough and spend plenty of time with us. We will definitely be coming back if we ever need urgent care again.

Luke Burns

Next Level Urgent Care

I have had the great fortune of being misfortunate enough to visit this place twice in the last two months. Their service far exceeded my expectations.

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