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Next Level in Research
Next Level Urgent Care, LLC, and its team of physicians and medical staff are now actively involved in COVID-19 clinical research.

While not an academic center, the organization and its vast network of healthcare providers have begun participating in clinical research trials dedicated to COVID-19 treatment and prevention.

This newly developed research arm of the organization, which has provided urgent care and occupational medicine services to communities in and around Houston for over seven years now, is currently involved in several research trials studying medications that may prevent someone who has had direct exposure to a COVID-19 positive individual from contracting the virus.

According to CEO and founder of Next Level Urgent Care, Juliet Breeze MD, the clinical trials will play an important role in the eventual development of COVID-19 treatment and prevention protocols – supporting a broader effort to improve therapeutic treatments while awaiting an approved vaccine. “We are very excited to be a part of four significant trials in search of treatments to reduce the reach of the novel coronavirus and correspondingly the risk of more severe health implications that can result in certain patient groups,” said Breeze. “This virus has dramatically affected families in communities across the United States and around the world. Our organization is pleased to play a proactive part in preventing the ongoing spread of COVID-19,” she added.

The organization has a dedicated research division led by Director of Clinical Research, Micko Sandford, BSN and supported by Chief Medical Officer, Robbyn Traylor MD and team physicians, Terence Chang MD and Wilner Jeudy MD. The Division is currently seeking volunteers to participate in COVID-19 clinical research trials, which include; A double blinded randomized study using an inhaled medication for treatment and prevention; A double blinded randomized study using a Monoclonal antibody injection for treatment and prevention developed by a large pharmaceutical company. Each clinical trial seeks candidates who have tested positive for COVID-19, exhibiting symptoms for less than seven days, and exposed family members. Candidates cannot have Asthma or COPD. Each trial has additional criteria requirements specific to that trial.

Uniquely Positioned for COVID-19 Research

Next Level Urgent Care (NLUC) is uniquely positioned to perform COVID-19 research, because of its reach across communities and its relationship with the families residing within them. Treating patients of all ages for many different types of non-life-threatening injuries and conditions, including colds, the flu and upper respiratory infections – all of which mimic symptoms associated with the Coronavirus – the NLUC healthcare providers are able to identify early potential cases and mitigate risks. With over a dozen clinics located across Houston and the surrounding area, which have provided COVID-19 testing since the pandemic took hold in Houston, the organization is able to observe and assess patient trends in a broad sampling of the Houston market.

The organization has also established several satellite offices utilizing telehealth technology to provide medical access to remote areas. Its use of technology and healthcare partnerships continue to distinguish the organization from others and equip it with the flexibility required to pursue COVID-19 research and new clinical trials.

The organization, which has also developed a COVID-19 Return to Work Safety Program, helps Houston area businesses safely reopen by providing consultation, training videos, workplace entry screenings, pulse oximetry and PCR test administration to ensure effective return to work safety protocols.

For more information on participating in a COVID-19 clinical trial, contact research@nextlevelurgentcare.com or click here . For all other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

About Next Level Urgent Care

The largest and fastest growing woman-owned Urgent Care organization in Houston, Next Level Urgent Care, LLC and its family of 14 urgent care centers and six onsite employee health and wellness clinics are the vision of Juliet Breeze, MD, a primary care physician and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. One of the few physician-owned urgent care organizations in Houston, Next Level Urgent Care represents a new type of urgent care organization. The organization, with clinics open seven days a week until 9 p.m., is focused on the customer experience with quality and consistency of care, delivered using proprietary systems, organizational designs and “next level” clinical and business processes. The medical staff is procedurally trained to handle acute urgent medical conditions and is part of an established referral network and collaborative effort to facilitate continuation of care and other specialized medical services. The clinics offer extended hours seven days a week and on holidays, at a fraction of the price of hospital emergency room or ER clinic visits.
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