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Houston’s Leading Urgent Care Organization Launches New Health Tracker, Next Level Medical Secure

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The Innovative New Employee Health Monitoring System Among First of its Kind in Houston

Houston, TX – Next Level Medical, LLC, one of the fastest growing urgent care organizations in Houston, has launched an innovative new health monitoring and tracking system facilitating COVID-19 compliance.

The organization, which has been at the forefront of providing COVID-19 safety resources for businesses and their employees by offering return to work safety programs, testing, treatment and onsite vaccinations, has now developed a new COVID-19 employee health monitoring system.

According to Next Level Medical CEO and Founder Juliet Breeze, MD, Next Level Medical Secure connects employees and employers through an easy to use, secure portal.

“With the recent government mandate and OSHA guidelines announcement for employers to track employees’ vaccination status and weekly testing, Next Level Medical has developed a no hassle solution for employers around the world,” said Breeze.

“Employees can report vaccine and testing status, and employers can monitor workforce health and stay compliant with OSHA ETS regulations,” she added.

Next Level Medical Secure is an innovative app accessible to any kind and size of business, proactively addressing needs in a rapidly evolving post-pandemic environment.  The HIPAA-compliant, proprietary system also easily connects employees to CDC health screening questions with the touch of a button and from their phone.

Employers receive access to a convenient and easy to use dashboard for up to the minute status on workplace health, alerts and new requirements – without adding to the workload of human resources and administration.

Next Level Urgent Care (NLUC) clinics now span the greater Houston area – closing the gaps in access to affordable, quality healthcare for all.  Email acooper@nlucc.com for a Next Level Medical Secure Demo or to learn more about Next Level services and programs. 

 About Next Level Urgent Care

Fastest growing healthcare organization in Texas

The largest and fastest growing, Next Level Medical, LLC and its family of urgent care and onsite employee health and wellness clinics across the Houston metro area represent the vision of Juliet Breeze, MD, a primary care physician and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. One of the few physician-owned urgent care organizations in Houston, which also provides occupational medicine and employer health benefits programs (Next Level PRIME), Next Level Urgent Care represents a new type of urgent care organization.

The organization is focused on the customer experience, providing quality and affordable healthcare – delivered using proprietary systems, organizational designs and “next level” clinical and business processes. Professional on-staff healthcare providers are procedurally trained to handle a wide range of acute urgent medical conditions and are part of an established referral network and collaborative effort to facilitate continuity of care and other specialized medical services.  The clinics offer extended hours seven days a week and on holidays, at a fraction of the price of hospital emergency room or ER clinic visits.

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