Tanglewood Review

Kate Ashley

It’s no ones fault they get sick. So please tell me why EVERYONE here is so rude. The front desk lady told “I wouldn’t sit down if I were you, I’m taking you back now”. Is there not a nicer way to speak to sick people????? Plus I can hear the lady who just came in and hurt me, laughing outside. She didn’t warn me she was going to stick something so far up my nose or throat. And she didn’t even apologize for hurting me and making me cough even harder than I already was. Then I hear her say to another employee “can you go in room 3, I don’t want to” YOURE THE ONE WHO WAS RUDE TO ME!!!! I don’t need attitude when I’m this sick. I need relief. I would NOT recommend this place for anyone in pain or discomfort. Go somewhere where they’re actually going to be nice and caring.

Danielle Jacobo

Next Level Urgent Care showed me one of the best urgent care experiences I have ever had! The sign in process was easy, the staff was friendly and professional, I got the help I needed, and was in and out in less than 45 minutes! I will definitely be using this location as my go-to urgent care!

Debra Griffin

No stars for this facility! Horrible customer care. Very displeased with service. I entered the facility and no other patients around as however afterward a gentlemen and his wife came in. I was processed and sent back to a room. I sat and sat until I walked out to get service. I hate to think this facility has a problem with blacks. The receptionist apologizes for the inconvenience of the staff overlooking me and gives me a worthless gift card that looks used and it didn't have anything on it to redeem. I'm pissed and I would advise any black person not to use this facility. A joke. I called to speak office manager and of course they conveniently sends your call to VM.

gcc geo

Five stars, start to finish. Super easy check in via tablets, very professional and attentive staff. In & out in less than an hour. Glad to have you guys in the neighborhood!

Unique1 Man

Hands down, this place is better than LBJ. My husband and I recently visited LBJ and was sent home with a diagnosis of fluid in his knee. After another week of pain, we decided to visit this Urgent Care, where they did a xray, exam, and properly diagnosed him, and treated him with a shot. Dr Chawg, and staff was very attentive, and explained everything in its simplicity. My only complaint was that the air conditioner was freezing my buns off. Keep up the great work, staff and thanks for allowing us to be your very last patients of the night. Dr Chawg, you ROQ!

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