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Tanglewood Review


This place is great. Check in online or call ahead and they’ll text you when they’re ready for you. No wait time in the office. Reasonable prices.

Kate Ashley

It’s no ones fault they get sick. So please tell me why EVERYONE here is so rude. The front desk lady told “I wouldn’t sit down if I were you, I’m taking you back now”. Is there not a nicer way to speak to sick people????? Plus I can hear the lady who just came in and hurt me, laughing outside. She didn’t warn me she was going to stick something so far up my nose or throat. And she didn’t even apologize for hurting me and making me cough even harder than I already was. Then I hear her say to another employee “can you go in room 3, I don’t want to” YOURE THE ONE WHO WAS RUDE TO ME!!!! I don’t need attitude when I’m this sick. I need relief. I would NOT recommend this place for anyone in pain or discomfort. Go somewhere where they’re actually going to be nice and caring.

Danielle Jacobo

Next Level Urgent Care showed me one of the best urgent care experiences I have ever had! The sign in process was easy, the staff was friendly and professional, I got the help I needed, and was in and out in less than 45 minutes! I will definitely be using this location as my go-to urgent care!

Leeann j Smith

I’ve been here 3 times & every time I treated with respect! The staff is awesome & the place is clean, I totally recommend them!

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