Katy Review

Mary Busceme

Unbelievable compassionate care at this clinic. The nurse practitioner, Dorothy Colon, is one incredible medical practitioner. She actually listens to your to you & puts her vast knowledge into practice. She knows & cares more about your condition than any other Dr in an emergency room. The nurse, Julius is fabulous as well. Jessica at the front desk is also very caring. This is an awesome outstanding clinic. With minor emergencies before going to an ER hospital & waiting for HOURS just to be seen & not treated, please go to the Next Level urgent care on Ft Bend County Road. You will receive prompt & accurate care from this extremely knowledgeable, caring Nurse Practioner Dorothy Colon

Amy King

I highly recommended this urgent care to everyone! The office is beautiful and you never have to wait long at all when you use their app to check in! The front desk is always very nice and helpful. Love the nurse practitioner Dorothy Colon, I’ve seen her twice and at each visit she was been very through with her diagnoses. This last visit I had to get a shot and her medical assistant Janyll made it super easy and without a lot of pain. Thank you for always taking care of me!

Trista Kinkead

We have been to this location three times within a short period and every time has been a wonderful experience! Jessica and Kayla took great care of us until we were seen by Dorothy Colon, NP. We were in and out, and I was shocked at how little we paid each time. Not sure I’ll ever go back to our regular Dr, as this seems to be cheaper, quicker, and they’re great!!

Rosalinda S

This is the best urgent care facility in town. Dorothy Colon, NP, and Lila her medical assistant, were top notch, very kniwknowledge and super helpful. They are all very nice and really do care about the patients. They go above and beyond to figure out what's going on with you while trying to get you seen, diagnosed and treated and on your way home to be comfortable as promptly and thoroughly as they can. I have had a few visits here and am always pleased and impressed.

Jenn Belcik

Patient care is excellent and quick. Dorothy Colon, NP, evaluated my symptoms, discussed options and treated the problem. Dorothy has continued my wound care and really cares about her patients and their well being, Top level care is obviously her priority. Next Level has followed up to ensure good progress with recovery. Upon arriving they quickly get you checked in and you are seen quickly by the care provider. Once you are finished with the care provider, you are quickly provided your paperwork and checkout is fast and easy. Next Level appears to want to get you in and out quickly with high level care, which I appreciate. I want to thank all the employees for their care and concerns. I will be going there and I highly recommend others go there for their urgent care needs.

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