Katy Review


Great service. Dorothy Colon, NP attended to me for a head wound and took great care of me. She even used adhesive for my wound instead of using staples which I didn't want. The wound healed beautifully and when I went back she was very patient while removing the adhesive from my hair. Hope I don't have to go back but if I needed to I would come here.

Christine Rogers

Dorothy was really quick, efficient, and wonderful! Everyone was really kind and easy to talk to. I highly recommend going here, it's worth it.

Patricia Loewenstein

The staff was great when I came in with pulled muscle in my neck/back. Beverley, NP was so friendly and genuinely engaged with me. I only waited in lobby for approx 5 mins. Everything was clean and new. Would definitely go back again. Was in and out in less than an hour.

Mary Busceme

Unbelievable compassionate care at this clinic. The nurse practitioner, Dorothy Colon, is one incredible medical practitioner. She actually listens to your to you & puts her vast knowledge into practice. She knows & cares more about your condition than any other Dr in an emergency room. The nurse, Julius is fabulous as well. Jessica at the front desk is also very caring. This is an awesome outstanding clinic. With minor emergencies before going to an ER hospital & waiting for HOURS just to be seen & not treated, please go to the Next Level urgent care on Ft Bend County Road. You will receive prompt & accurate care from this extremely knowledgeable, caring Nurse Practioner Dorothy Colon

Todd Bates

Dorothy Colon and her staff actually saved my life! I went in feeling horrible. I had strep/pneumonia. She took a long time checking out my breathing and decided to do an xray. She found a 3.5 cm mass in my right lung and immediately referred to an oncologist and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic melanoma (skin cancer) that had travelled to my right lung. If she had not been so thorough I might not be here today. She caught this when my primary care Dr missed it. God Bless you Dorothy!

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