Conroe Review

Lee Mullin

An excellent experience overall! Very little wait time or paperwork...well taken care of by Julia & Tammy. Jose Etienne P.A.C. diagnosed my problem almost immediately and took care of it with a shot and a prescription. There was also an impressive detailed summary online of my visit. Would not hesitate to use this nice, clean facility again, or to recommend it to friends or family.

Everest Leonard

One of the best Urgent care clinics that I've been to! Wait time is minimal, they get you seen pretty quick. Tammy, Katie, Julia, & Jose are fantastic. They are professional and they get you taken care of. Double thumbs up!!

Marcy Zwall

Very impressive! From the arrival to discharge we were met with friendly faces, helpful and compassionate staff and thorough medical attention. Both nurse and doctor took time to make sure we understood the diagnosis and prescribed remedies. So grateful this facility is in our BCBS network!

Frank Mcdonald

This care center is the best. They had to work to get my problem fixed. It was pain free, hassle free and cheap. I would of had to pay a lot more if I went to an emergency room. They were so accommodating it was like I went to the Ritz Carlton.

Macie Blasy

First off, I have never been to an urgent care clinic with staff so friendly. From the moment I walked in, the ladies at the front desk were very nice, Tammy (nurse or MA?) was again so sweet & karen Faust, PA was very informative, made sure to get all my symptoms before diagnosing and I recieved a follow up call which was nice. HIGHLY recommend the Conroe location!

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