Cinco Ranch Review

Quendolyn Ankomah

This is a great place and the staff is very polite. I got tonsillitis and call a few Dr offices on Friday and no one could get me in until next week. I was online looking for a Care now place and found Next Level Urgent Care. I walked right in there was no waiting once my paperwork was done I was seen within 10 minutes the nurse and Dr were very polite and quick and didn’t rush me at all even though I could pass it on to them. I would definitely go back and recommend them.


I love Next Level. They get you in and out and are super friendly. Its good to have a competent staff on board. Lisa Marie was awesome. She made me feel right at home and very comfortable. Virginia really knew what she was doing and was able to get me in and out in no time at all. This is the best place if you have any issues. Five Stars to the Gals!!!!!

Jasmine Brown

I was scene by nurse practitioner Stephen Mack and he acted as if he was doing me a favor by seeing me. I had a main concern and two additional minor complaints I wanted him to address. He said and I quote “ there is a reason they call these places urgent care, we handle the urgent issue as in one issue. I’ll go ahead and help you this time but it’s typically one issue we handle.” Furthermore, he did not properly test the main concern I had. I understand it is an urgent care, I’ve been to several and I have never had a doctor or NP, make me feel as if I was given a favor by being seen. I don’t care how many issues I listed, a class on bedside manner is long over due. I pay for one of the best insurances and did not deserve the lack of care or attitude that came with my visit.

Kiki Clarke

Used this location and they are excellent. They take the time to make sure you get what you need and always call to follow up. I’ve never had to wait long either. Great location too.

Todd Mushovic

Awesome. This place is always fast and professional. Best part is the ability to check in on line so no waiting in the lobby. I have been here several times with family members and you can not beat the convenience. Parking out front is easy and sufficient for it and the other stores nearby.

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