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Champions Reviews

Krista Harman

Went to Next Level for first time yesterday and was helped right away! No waiting. Nurse and doctor were excellent. My condition was not diagnosable due to the additional tests needed (imaging/CT) so I was referred elsewhere but next time I have a cold/cough I am headed here! Very nice/clean office too.

Jason Stacy

Was in a car accident about three weeks ago, and instead of heading to an emergency room I came here. Glad I did! Short of losing a limb, they have the ability to treat and diagnose just about everything an ER can, and for much much much less money. Will certainly return, but hopefully not because I got rear-ended! 😂

Brookes Moreau

Went in feeling horrible and was seen after a very short wait. All the usual paperwork you fill out on a clip board is instead able to filled out on your phone while awaiting the doctor. They texted me the link and I was completing it as the doctor walked in. This extremely streamlines the whole service I believe.
The doctor was professional and courteous.
Turns out i tested positive for strep throat they prescribed me antibiotics to my pharmacy of choice. Visit went great and once home resting I felt better after a day. I returned to work and received a phone call around 8am that morning and it was the doctor from next level urgent care calling to check up on me and wanted to know how I was feeling. I was completely blown away by this follow up calls my coworker over heard the phone call and was also blown away he stated that he would definitely be going there if needed. I have never had a doctor call me for a follow up check in to see how I was feeling. Thank you next level urgent care!

Jackie Reyes

This was by for the best urgent care experience ever. The wait wasnt long, front desk very nice, once taken back the tech Juan was very nice and helpful. Cracked a lot of jokes to make me feel better. Dr. Jeudy was a gem! He listened to my concerns and walked me through the process of recovery and what to expect. I received a call 2 days after to check on me which was good because I still wasn’t feeling myself. The NP I spoke with gave me guidance and told me they are their if I need anything else.

Vicki Holmgreen

I love this clinic. They always see me fairly quickly and help tremendously!! Then they call several days later to see how I’m feeling! They are awesome!!! You can check in online too… which saves time when U get there! And they’ll send u a text and tell u when to come in… like if there are rooms open, I get a text immediately that says to come on in! They’ve taken care of me with everything from irrigating my ear (which totally makes a diff in my hearing) to strep throat and sinus infections! And they are nearer in location than my dr so I love going there! And they bill my insurance! So I cannot say enough good things about them!

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