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If you haven’t been feeling super motivated to get your workout in lately, we’ve got you covered with these unique ideas for increasing workout motivation.

  1. Tell yourself you can only wash your hair on the days you workout. Unless you want to work a messy bun or hat for awhile, get your workout in!
  2. Find fitness motivation quotes or photos and put them in places you’ll see them throughout the day, whether that be on your bathroom mirror, your fridge, on your steering wheel, etc.
  3. Make fitness fun with an app like Zombies Run, which encourages you to run a little faster by playing sounds of zombies breathing down your neck every now and then and challenging you to pick up supplies to survive the apocalypse along the way.
  4. Treat Yo’ Self. Draft up a contract for yourself that includes how much exercise you’ll do and when. Write out the rewards you can get if you achieve your contract goals, such as a new fitness tracker, a spa day, a new workout outfit, a gift card to your favorite healthy food joint, etc. Buy those things and wrap them up as presents to open when you meet your goals.
  5. Bet on yourself. Apps like Healthy Wage allow you to put in cash and hopefully, win it back plus more when you make your weight loss goal.
  6. Keep it short. You’re more likely to get a workout in if it’s only 15 or 20 minutes versus an hour. Just make sure those 15-20 minutes are jam-packed with activity, so you can get results!
  7. Change up your workouts. If you’re one of those people that needs variety, try short term contracts at smaller studios or opt for an app like Class Pass, that allows you to try a new workout anytime! You’ll also keep your body guessing!
  8. Only allow yourself to watch TV when you’re on the treadmill or other stationary equipment. If you’re a Netflix junky, download the app and don’t turn it on unless you’re moving. Catching up on your favorite TV show has never been so productive.
  9. Motivate yourself with food. Okay, we’re not saying you should indulge with 10 donuts, a chocolate shake, and a large pizza after one workout, but if “treat meals” are your motivation, allowing yourself a piece of dark chocolate, 2 Oreos, or a serving of lite ice cream if you complete a workout is not a bad way to celebrate your accomplishment.
  10. Don’t look at the scale. The scale can be just as discouraging as it can be encouraging. Instead of using the scale, use progress photos of yourself or body measurements to track your success.  If you feel yourself longing for the assurance of the scale, at least try to go a few weeks between weigh ins, as weight fluctuates and daily weigh ins be detrimental to your mental health and overall fitness motivation.

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