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Get more out of your food this season by eating mindfully!

What does mindful eating mean?  In eating mindfully, we pay attention to why we feel like eating (are we eating because of emotions or because of a legitimate physical need?), what we’re eating (is it healthy or not?), the look, smell, taste, and feel of what we’re eating, how what we’re eating makes us feel (happy, reminiscent, sad, etc.), our emotions during and after we’re through eating, where the food came from, who might have grown it, and how it was cooked.

Sounds great, how do I start?  Mindful eating takes practice, but here are some tips to get you started.   

  1. Don’t Skip Meals. The first step to mindful eating is to eat when you’re hungry but not starving.  If you’re starving, you’re much less likely to choose healthier options and much more likely to overeat.
  2. Start Small. Try keeping your food in the circle on your plate without letting it overflow out to the edges.  Also, keep your plate to 9 inches diameter or less!  You can always go back for seconds if you’re still hungry.
  3. Take some time to appreciate your food. You eat with your eyes first so spend a minute taking it all in before begin eating.
  4. Take small bites. Did you actually taste better when you’re mouth isn’t full?
  5. Eat slowly. If you have trouble with this, try putting your fork down in between bites.


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