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How to Stay Hydrated

How to Stay Hydrated

If you’re like most people, you’re probably not as hydrated as you should be. Hydration is so important for both body and brain function. Here are some tips for how to keep yourself hydrated and feel better for it!

  1. Keep a full water bottle with you during the day. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” goes hand in hand with the food and beverages we consume.  If you have water in front of you, you’ll be more likely to drink it.
  2. Many people find plain water to be boring, but who says you have to drink it plain? Experiment with different types of flavored water by adding in your favorite fruits or herbs to plain water.  Cucumber lemon and strawberry mint are some of our favorite combinations!
  3. Those who are active need larger amounts of water. Athletes should make sure they drink 8-16 oz of water before a workout, during the workout, and after the workout to replenish water lost through sweat.  Electrolytes may be added to water as well.
  4. If your body is telling you that it doesn’t want more water, listen to it. However, if you’re feeling hungry between meals, try drinking water first, as that feeling of hunger might actually be your body telling you that you’re dehydrated.  This tip may also contribute to weight loss.
  5. If you’re one of those people that has to set reminders to eat amongst your busy schedule, setting reminders to drink may also be beneficial for you. You can set reminders to drink a small cup of water every hour or plan to drink water right when you wake up, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and when you go to bed.
  6. Opt for water at restaurants instead of alternative beverage options. It’s healthier for you and it’s free!

Note that a good water intake goal is 8 cups a day, but different people need different amounts of water depending on their height, weight, and exercise regimen.  Signs that you are dehydrated include:

  • Little to no urine
  • Urine that is darker than usual
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth
  • Thirst
  • Headache or lightheadedness
  • Decreased mental function

Don’t wait to notice signs of dehydration.  Actively hydrate throughout the day!

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