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Have you changed your mind?

Studies show that a healthy mind breeds a healthy body and vice a versa!  Here are some ways to increase positive thoughts in order to maximize your mental and physical health.


Positive thinking can yield numerous benefits, including better self-esteem, happiness, and the reduction of your chances of developing hypertension, depression, or other stress-related disorders.


Although positive thinking may seem like something that is supposed to just come naturally to people, that is not the case for many.  In fact, just like anything, we have to practice positive thinking to get better at it.


Here are a few ways that we can encourage ourselves to think positively each day:


1.)  Start the day with positive affirmation.  You can do this by simply telling yourself “Today will be a great day!” or by taking some time to answer a prompt in a positive affirmation journal.  The earlier in the day you do this, the better, as the start of your day can dictate your mood up until the end of it.


2.)  Challenge yourself to find good in everything.  If, for example, you’re stuck in traffic, focus your mind on something positive such as the fact that, now, you have time to listen to your favorite songs or finish a podcast.  If a restaurant ran out of your usual meal, think about the excitement of trying something new.  There is good in everything if you set your mind to finding it.


3.)  Refrain from talking negative about yourself. Saying things like “I’m bad at this” or “I’ll never be able to do this” is a surefire way to increase negative thoughts in your mind altogether.  Replace those phrases with positive ones like “I’ll get better with practice” or “that didn’t work out as planned, but there’s always next time!”


4.)  Stay present.  Our minds tend to revisit negative experiences from the past.  That nasty look a person gave you earlier this morning does not need to follow you all day.  Focus on the present rather than building up a negative moment in the past.


5.)  Surround yourself with positive people.  The phrase “you are who you hang out with” proves true, especially in the realm of positive thinking.  If you have friends who are always speaking positively about their experiences and others, your outlook will start to shift positively as well.


6.)  End the day on a high note.  A great way to reflect on your day is to keep a gratitude journal.  Writing even just one thing you are thankful for each day can ensure that every day ends positively.


7.)  You have to believe it to see it.  You are worth the effort it takes to make your body and mind healthier.  If you believe that, you will begin to see positive changes in all aspects of life.


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