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While many internists agree that every allergy season in Houston is a “bad allergy season,” some allergy and immunology specialists from Baylor College of Medicine believe the ongoing cleanup and mold growth following Hurricane Harvey, combined with record temperatures, will add insult to injury for allergy sufferers.

This is particularly concerning for the elderly.

Immunological defense in even the strongest among us is challenged by the burst of trees, weeds, perennials and flood-born mold this spring.  Vulnerability to allergic disease among the elderly is even greater – driven by immunosenescence, or the changes of immune function and tissue structure modifications associated with aging.

Allergies to pollens and molds become heightened in the aging, prompting asthma and upper respiratory infections and lung distress. Other allergic diseases may include dermatitis/eczema and seasonal allergic and perennial allergic rhinitis (intermittent or persistent nasal congestion, sneezing, postnasal drainage).  Medications and other internal diseases can also influence allergy reaction/response.

 “Our providers understand the unique needs of every age group and are particularly attentive to the needs of our senior patients this allergy season,” said Juliet Breeze, president and CEO of Next Level Urgent Care, LLC.

“We want families to know that if they are unable to reach their doctor, our clinics are able to help with allergy and asthma medications – providing a diagnosis, symptom relief and peace of mind in the absence of a family doctor,” Breeze added.

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